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Enlightenment Pie ~ ​​​Healing Through Spiritual Practice

The purpose of this book is to teach you how to release this weight from your Spirit, mind and body. By working through the emotions behind our weight and facing them head on – rather than ‘stuffing them away’; we are able to overcome this weight once and for all.  This journal is not really about changing your diet but instead transforming all aspects of yourself and changing your life!  

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The Enlightenment Pie Food Journal

The Enlightenment Pie Food journal has been created to serve as a workbook in conjunction with Enlightenment Pie. This journal represents step one of the Enlightenment Pie process; become aware. To become aware is to practice mindfulness, learn how to be mindful of both your physical body and your emotional body in relation to your food choices and your weight, and to learn basic meditation and contemplative practices to help you move through your inner work with ease and apply your learnings in your daily life. This journal gives you space to write down your thoughts that come from the self-inquiry questions and contemplative practices throughout the book. Included are short recaps of the activities from Enlightenment Pie to help guide you through the journal and answer the tough questions throughout. At the back of the journal you have thirty food sensitivity tracking templates. This allows you to track how your food and your emotions are impacting you throughout a thirty-day time period. Enlightenment Pie is a process to teach you how to release weight from your Spirit, mind and body.  

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