Clear Your Baggage, Lose Your Weight
It seems everywhere we look these days; we see more and more people carrying weight. To someone on the outside they may only see the unhealthy side affects of poor diet and pass judgements on the persons ability to care for themselves. What may not be seen is the deep layers of emotional baggage that this person is carrying and their lack of Self Love that ultimately affects their choices when caring or ultimately 'not caring' for themselves.  ​​​​​​​

The baggage is really layers that we have acquired throughout this lifetime and others and it has manifested into; physical weight that we carry in our bodies, emotional weight, and spiritual weight in the form of karma.

The purpose of this course is to teach you how to release this weight from your Spirit, mind and body. I have learned from my own experience that to truly 'lose weight' we must complete the inner work in ALL aspects of our lives. By looking at those difficult pieces of ourselves that is our weight; we bring to the surface many destructive emotions. By working through these emotions and facing them - rather than 'stuffing them away'; we are able to overcome this weight once and for all. This course is not really about changing your diet; but instead transforming all aspects of your Self and changing your life!
In this course you will: 
Learn how to be mindful of both your physical body and your emotional body in relation to your food choices and your weight.

-Become clear about how your Spiritual body and your Karma is affecting your weight and overall health.

-Learn basic practices to help you move through your inner work with ease and apply them in your daily life.

-Begin to build a relationship with your physical body and be able to listen and understand its needs.
Transmute Negative Energy Into Light
Beautiful images from the island of Maui act as a weekly mandala; delivering the Shakti of this beautiful island while transforming the mind. Combined with positive affirmations and a weekly activity, this 6 week course is a powerful vehicle for transmutation. Within the first week you will begin to notice negative thoughts and feelings melting away into the vast ocean of nothingness. By week 3 you will be challenged to look at what you've created, come to understand your limitations and begin to break through the limiting thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back. In the following lessons you will come to understand energy, your natural flow and finally you will come to rest in the peace of the present moment. At the end of this course you will feel lighter, you will experience more joy in your life and you will experience a lightness of emotion that you may not have felt before.​​​​

Aloha ke akua!

Observing Your Thoughts
Heightening Your Awareness
Learning that Wherever you go; there you are.
Achieving peace of mind
Where there is energy, there is flow of energy.
There is calm in the present moment.

Each week you will recieve an image from the island of Maui that holds within it the energy of transformation. You will also receive an affirmation, a lesson and an activity to practice throughout the week.
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Become A Divine Channel
Course Length~ 8 Classes
Required Reading~ Opening To Channel by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer (Read pages 1-24 prior to attending class 1)

Introduction to Trance Meditation~ In this first class you will be given an overview of trance meditation.  You will then be guided through a meditation that will take you into a Trance state. Homework: Read Chapters 2, 5 and 6. Trance meditation practice for a period of 2 weeks.

Trance Meditation in Practice~ In this class you will again be guided through a Trance Meditation.  We will take ourselves to deeper levels of trance during this class.  There will be an open discussion with questions and answers at the end of this class.  Homework: Practice Trance Meditation for a period of 2 weeks.

Introduction to the Divine Realms~ In this class you will be given an overview of the Divine Realms. There will also be a guided meditation to these realms. Homework: Read Chapter 3 and (optional) read Richard Webster’s Spirit Guides and Angel Guardians.  Over a period of two weeks; spend time meditating on the Divine Realms.

​Journey to the Divine Realms Practice~ In this class you will be guided through a deep meditation as we journey to the Divine Realms.  You will have an opportunity to begin to connect to your teachers and to obtain information in this space.  Homework: Read chapters 4 and 7.  Practice Trance meditation in the Divine Realms for a period of 2 weeks.
Introduction to your First Team~ In this class you will be given an overview of your ‘First Team’ and their purpose.  You will then be guided through a meditation to meet your first team.  A portion of this class will be spent working within yourself to meet and speak with your team.  Homework: Meet your first team and practice connecting with them and receiving messages from them over a period of two weeks.

Connection with your First Team practice~ This class will be a deep meditation where you are guided into Trance to connect with your team and to receive their messages.  Homework: Communication with your First Team over a period of 2 weeks.  Optional Reading So You Want to be a Medium by Rose Van Eynden.

Introduction to Trance Channeling~ In this class you will be given an overview of Trance Channeling.  There will be open discussion and questions and answers in this class to ‘check in’ as we move forward into the practice.  The class will end with a guided meditation that will connect your Team into your Trans-medium channels.  Homework: Practice your connection with your Team. Complete the book, Opening to Channel.

Trance Channeling Practice~ In this class you will be guided into Trance and through connection with your team.  You will then work in a pair to practice channeling messages from the teachers.
"I remember the first time I connected with Aksun and the higher realms.  It was the first time in my life I felt the purity of joy.  The light was so bright and all so connected.  I was filled with love.  To connect with the Divine is a mighty gift.  It is something to be honored and held sacred within our hearts.  The messages that come are beautiful and represent the highest of consciousness.  For those who look upon this course may you know within your heart, YOU are a Divine Channel!"