Contemplative Psychotherapy

IntegrativeLifestyle Coaching

Why?  Whether you are in need of healing after a family trauma, manage through a loss, creatively approach a transition in career or relationship, or break unhealthy patterns of behavior; contemplative psychotherapy can offer support and solutions.  Lisa’s psychotherapy practice specializes in assisting the client with managing through, or breaking free from, toxic situations that can arise in your life. This includes toxic work environments, family issues, unhealthy relationships and addiction.  
What? A psychotherapy session is one hour and can be via phone, Skype or in person at her office. Lisa applies methodologies and tools that support an increase in self-awareness and encourage you to discover and walk your own path to healing.  Self-Inquiry practice is the action of turning within to attain Self-Knowledge and in turn generate self-development.  Lisa teaches you to combine both self-inquiry practice and mindfulness meditation, so you can discover your true nature and gain clarity on your next steps.  Lisa utilizes tools that will help you gain insight into, and begin to bring balance to, your current issue - whether it be emotional maturity, need to caretake, addiction or enabling to build healthier relationships or to gain balance in your life.   A session is one hour.
A lifestyle coaching session with Lisa integrates the following to create an individualized plan for you to become your best self:
Intuitive Information
Holistic Healing
Contemplative Practices

Lisa will help you identify what is impacting your overall emotional, spiritual, and physical health and support you to manage or even eliminate your symptoms through spiritual practice.

Note -
Holistic Health includes the following:Detox Support (Mold, Candida or Anti-Inflammatory), Health Crisis Support, Healthy Cooking and Mindful Eating, Integrated Health Resources, Metaphysical Reasons for Illness, Food Addiction.  Lisa is certified in Nutritional Cooking by the American Culinary Federation and has an A.A.S. Degree in Culinary Arts.  She utilizes her degree along with her real-world experience managing inflammation to support you in your health goals. 

 The first consultation is an intake of your current concerns and goals and together you will build a strategy to start improving your well-being. 

Ask about a FREE 15 minute consultation.  Package rates are available.